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A new AEM statistics reporting program will track the highly specialized machines that keep our sewer systems clean and functioning efficiently.

Known as Truck-Mounted Sewer Jets, these machines remove sand, stones, bottles, cans, grease, sludge and other debris from sanitary and storm sewer lines. 

The program includes two products: Truck Jetters and Truck Combinations. Participating companies will report monthly shipments by U.S. states and Canadian provinces. Participants have also back-reported to 2014 to provide year-over-year analysis.

The Six companies initially reporting to the program are: Hi-Vac, Sewer Equipment, Super Products, Vacall, Vac-Con and Vactor. Vac-Con is brand-new to AEM’s statistics programs.

Wide Shipments Program

AEM has also launched a worldwide shipments program for Combination Sewer Cleaner Trucks (IF38). AEM worldwide programs allow participating companies to report and receive market share data using ISO standard “country code” lists (ISO 3166-1 has 249 country codes).

Monthly worldwide data was back reported to January 2015, providing participants with year-over-year monthly comparison of industry totals.

For More Information

If your company manufactures sewer cleaners, is an AEM member and would like to participate in this program, please contact AEM’s Debbie Carson (dcarson@aem.org, tel: 414-298-4146).

AEM is also seeking manufacturers of trailer jets who would be interested in launching a statistics reporting program.


Click here to read more : https://www.aem.org/news/august-2016/machines-in-new-statistics-program-really-clean-up/

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