AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe is providing approximately 30,000 feet of 48-inch-diameter V-Bio wrapped ductile iron pipe for the project. V-Bio enhanced polyethylene encasement protects pipe against aggressive soils. AMERICAN Flow Control is providing more than 20 resilient wedge gate valves with Flex-Ring ends in sizes 24 to 48 inches in diameter.

According to Chris Dillard, a project manager with Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority, the West Side Loop Project will provide redundancy and reliability to the Authority’s water transmission system. Dillard said the Water Authority specified ductile iron pipe because of its past performance in the utility’s system.

“AMERICAN provided us with information on the development of resilient wedge gate valves and assisted us in the transition from butterfly valves to gate valves for the project,” said Dillard.

AMERICAN Flow Control Sales Representative Drew Clayton said, “The majority of all valve applications are simple open and close applications. Butterfly valves are designed to throttle and have a disc in the center of the waterway, which can obstruct flow. Gate valves, however, do not have any obstructions in the waterway, and therefore, pumping costs are much lower. AMERICAN gate valves also come standard with a 10-year warranty, while most butterfly designs only offer one- to two-year warranties.”

AMERICAN Flow Control resilient wedge gate valves with Flex-Ring ends offer boltless restraint, reducing installation times and increasing joint flexibility. The valves are available in sizes up to 60 inches.

“Installing a Flex-Ring gate valve is like laying a piece of pipe,” said Andy Anderson, Unity Construction vice president and project manager for the West Side Loop Project. “It takes less time, minutes compared to hours.”

“Unity has been an AMERICAN customer since our founding in 1982,” said Anderson. “AMERICAN has always provided excellent products as well as outstanding customer service. We also find the knowledge of AMERICAN’s sales staff to be invaluable. We have always enjoyed our relationship with AMERICAN and look forward to working with them on many projects in the future.”

The Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority is a regional public utility that provides water for drinking and fire protection on a wholesale basis. The Water Authority is the second largest supplier of drinking water in Georgia, and its customers include counties and municipalities in the metro area, as well as companies like Lockheed Martin.


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