Hydromax USA and Detection Services have come together to deliver p-CAT, a low-cost, non-invasive, non-destructive, reliable and safe solution for pipe condition assessment, while the system is in operation.

It is often described as a pipe screening tool as long sections (many miles) can be quickly tested to identify small
localized “hot spots” out of thousands of feet of pipe.

The technology uses a unique, patented and proven technique of inverse transient analysis to
measure and determine the internal and external condition of pipelines. It can be applied to all metallic, concrete and AC(Asbestos cement) pipes and has been developed through over 17 years of research and development by the UNiversity of Aelaide, Australia.

p-CAT™ analysis uses two main techniques:

Sub-Sectional Pipeline Condition Assessment
Assessing the level of pipe deterioration in a sub-section with various resolutions down to 30 feet.

Localized Fault Detection
Identifies and provides analysis of significant anomalies such as air pockets, blockages, the sealing status of valves and unknown pipeline features.

Hydromax’s p-CAT is suitable for all pressurized pipes (metallic, concrete and asbestos cement) and all water pipes (potable, raw and wastewater). It causes no disruption to the pipeline or operation as there is no invasive access to the main.

To Read more : https://www.hydromaxusa.com/pipeline-condition-assessment-technology

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